What is a Girls Night In? About Inspiration Party

We like to think of a Girls Night In event as being an evening that knows it is a little bit special, but doesn't take itself too seriously; a glorious cocktail of fun and discovery. In reality, you have two hours with an experienced life and career coach. You and your guests will have a personality profile assessment as well as the opportunity to experience the freedom and headspace that coaching provides.

We want you to leave feeling inspired, creative, determined, enthusiastic, and brimming with ideas.

Who runs the event?

Sherry Bevan is a working Mum in Kent and created the Inspiration Party Girls Night In to enable more women to enjoy the experience of working with a coach in a fun and inexpensive way.

About Sherry Bevan

Sherry has an inner strength and confidence that allows her to nurture and inspire women to make strong confident decisions.

Sometimes it is hard to balance being a mum with paid work. Sherry knows all about this - currently she enjoys a portfolio career as a consultant, business mentor, coach and part-time breastfeeding counsellor in her local community, as well as being an active volunteer for her running club and for NCT.

After many years as a senior manager in professional services, Sherry Bevan launched her coaching business in April 2012. She is also the driving force behind the virtual conference The Confident Mother which runs from 12-30 January 2015.

Looking for life or career inspiration?

Sherry loves working with women and especially mums who have taken a career break and want to go back to paid work with confidence.

Coaching is available on a one-to-one basis or join Sherry at one of her fabulous workshops.

Not sure you're ready to commit to a party or coaching?

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Sherry's own inspiration

Learn about Sherry's own inspiration:

March 2013 interview here

October 2014, she was invited as a guest on Dream Corner's Roundtable discussion with other female coaches supporting women.

Journey to The Confident Mother.

Visit sherrybevan.co.uk to find out more about her corporate work.